Meet the Author

I am a serial entrepreneur with a passion for entrepreneurship, writing and technology. I have been involved in three tech startups. My last company, Lucid Solutions Group, focused on cloud technologies and IT engineering projects for large government and commercial enterprises.

I first discovered my passion for entrepreneurship shortly after leaving the Marine Corps in the early 90s. When I entered college at National University I gravitated toward business marketing and quickly realized I could make a better living as an entrepreneur as opposed to working for someone else.

With my love for all things tech I often found myself tinkering in garages with friends, building computers and selling them on the weekends at local swap meets. That was truly exciting but soon was not enough to satisfy my intellectual curiosity. I moved onto consulting for large companies after attaining a number of industry certifications.

One of my big breaks came when a recruiter contacted me in California and asked me to move to New York to work on a large, high profile project. Six weeks later me, my wife and kids were in upstate New York. During the project I was the lead and worked alongside Microsoft, Dell and IBM. The project was a huge success and resulted in me writing a number of related case studies that were available on Microsoft's website for a couple of years. This project lead to several similar projects, which eventually lead to me starting my own consulting firm. I brought on key players along the way to help build the organization.

I wrote this book because I often come across people who either want to start a business or recently started one. They often ask me for advice on their plans. One beginning entrepreneur recently spent several days in my office just watching how we run day to day operations. What was just another day at the office for me turned out to be a great learning experience for him.

Not long after that another friend of mine spent three hours picking my brain because he is leaving a $140,000 a year engineering job to start his own company. He took extensive notes during our three hour session. Then it hit me. Most entrepreneurs are just like him. People who are passionate about what they do and want to serve themselves and the world better by going into business for themselves. No VC backing. No televised product launch. Just a laptop and dream. The everyday entrepreneur.

Now my focus is to use my love for entrepreneurs, writing and problem solving to help the everyday entrepreneur. In my book and on this blog I cover the good, the bad and the ugly. It has been a thrilling ride and now I want to share it.