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A Tribute to the Struggling Entrepreneur

tribute to entrepreneurs
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We are told to "fake it 'til we make it," but this is fraudulent. To fake is to pretend and if one must pretend to be successful, then in their core they lack belief in themselves. For success is more about our state of mind than the shiny things we collect.

Measure your success, not by the size of your home or bank account, but by the burning desire that gets you out of bed while the rest of the world remains in dreamland.

Measure your success by the thousands of hours you spend quietly dueling with your craft in search of mastery.

Measure your success by the experience gained through extracting lessons from failure and applying them to the next endeavor.

Measure your success by the look on your kids’ faces when they see you in the grind and tell you how proud they are.

You are too busy being in the thick of the game to notice, but your resiliency has an impact on those around you. They observe in silence, make mental notes and apply the lessons you live by daily.

Measure your success by the fact you are willing to sacrifice and delay immediate gratification to realize your greatest potential, even if this means in the short term doing something you dislike.

I had a conversation with an entrepreneur who decided to take a seasonal job to keep the bills paid while he works on his startup. What struck me most was his demeanor - more matter of fact than anything else. No boohooing or "woe is me" mantra. He is but an innovator in hot pursuit of a vision.

When he read my article Discomfort: The First Sign of a Breakthrough, he sent me the following message:

"I must be ready for a breakthrough because I'm going through some serious discomfort!"

Indeed he was correct, for a mere couple of weeks later he received outside support and capital. He dropped the part time job and refocused all of his attention on his startup.

"The progressive realization of a worthy ideal."

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He is more successful than the six-figure executive who dreads going to work everyday. For, he does not define his self worth by the size of his paycheck, but by the size of his vision and his ability to execute. He is not faking. He is being!

This is where I insert examples of famous entrepreneurs who succeeded after multiple failures, right?

Instead, I ask you to draw on personal examples of triumph, where the sky was falling and then... breakthrough! No need to always look outside of yourself for inspiration and motivation, for you have enough material from your own experiences if only you take the time to look. Too often, we seek out treasure in the external world, while we sit atop our own acres of diamonds.

Godspeed and I look forward to seeing you in The Players Lounge.

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