Friday, October 19, 2012

Entrepreneurs, Subdue Your Egos!

entrepreneurs subdue your ego
All the while for several years or more, you searched for the source of misery and pain. Then, all of sudden you see your enemy staring you down with a contemptuous sneer. There he stood all along--the ego. The ego is the source of all fears, anguish, doubts and misery. This beast untrained, untamed and uninhibited has destroyed many a great men, women and even whole nations.

Ego grows into a beast like the undetected tapeworm, developing from a tiny slither into an uncontrollable menace. The more it feeds, the more it craves, eventually overtaking and destroying the host. Unchecked, its hunger for destruction knows no bounds and adheres to no limits.

Fear is the ego's sustenance, pride its cloak, the tongue its dagger and the fist its hammer. Every strike against the world produces ten strikes against itself, leaving one to wonder why the latest encounter produced more misery than the last.

Yet, ego is integral and inseparable like a liver or kidney. In those genuine times of danger, between fight and flight, ego comes to our aid. But, once the danger passes, it must return to its station standing guard as a dutiful servant.

Then, emerges the total self to fulfill our true calling, moving freely without fear. Free to create, build  and innovate for the betterment of the world.

The untrained, overfed ego, the disobedient servant, strikes false fear into the heart in search of a response. Then, storms through the city so proud of its individualism, sparkling bling and impressive intellect. Oh, what a gift the world has of me!

Deny this beast sustenance when you hear its call. Choke off its neck when it cries out for help, and soon it will learn to serve you, its master.

When Titans Clash

Then, comes the clash when opposing egos meet. The resulting explosion crumbles buildings, enterprises and whole communities. Yet, when a total self meets a petty ego, the end result is peace. The self finds no need to raise hand or voice, for the ego is no match for its wit.

nikola tesla, egoSelf at this level subdues the most stubborn of egos, both internal and external. Once it enters the courtyard, no ego can stands its power, and so succumbs or scurries for cover. For, ego knows when truth meets falsehood, truth knocks the brains out of falsehood.

No one can oppress a self at the highest levels. For even if caught, it becomes a burden to its captors. Soon death or freedom is the only course. Yet, the death of the host does not destroy this self, for its light radiates across space and time, providing guidance and warmth through the darkest of corridors. When the oppressor is long deposed and reviled by history, the light of this self continues to illuminate our paths.

Thus, a self at the highest levels cannot be defeated. Its enemies break themselves on the rocks of its steadfastness. Perseverance is its sustenance, patience its cloak, wit its dagger and strategy its hammer.

Subdue the beast and elevate the total self.

Godspeed and I look forward to seeing you in The Players Lounge.

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