Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Breaking the Shackles of Fear

I asked my wife last night what she would do if she knew she had 1 year to live. The question was inspired by a book I'm reading by Steven Pressfield called The War of Art  (no, that is not a typo). In the book he mentions Tom Laughlin who specializes in working with people diagnosed with cancer. Pressfield quotes Laughlin in the book: 

"The moment a person learns he's got terminal cancer, a profound shift takes place in his psyche. At one stroke in the doctor's office he becomes aware of what really matters to him. Things that sixty seconds earlier had seemed all important suddenly appear meaningless, while people and concerns that he had till then dismissed at once take on supreme importance..."

So, I asked my wife, "Why does it take learning you have 1 year left to live to do those things? Why not just do them now?" In a word, fear. 

That is why I am sharing the below video by Jonathan Fields. Jonathan signed a lease to open a Yoga studio in New York city. Nothing unusual about this, except the fact he had no prior experience running a Yoga studio. What is most gripping about his story is the date he signed the lease. Then, he had to later face the fear of moving forward or backing out. No, this is not a rah rah session. It is a moment to reflect and dig deep to discover what is most important and identify what is holding you back. 

In reality, no one really knows if they have even a week to live, let alone a year. For, death could come at anytime. 

So, what are you waiting for? That idea you have? Test it. The book you want to write? Write it. That trip you want to make? Plan it. Don't wait to be diagnosed with cancer to find clarity. Just make the decision to do so. 

Godspeed and I look forward to seeing you in The Players Lounge.

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