Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Are There Too Many Bloggers?

In a Facebook group, someone recently asked, "What type of content should I create?"  One respondent replied, "The last thing the Internet needs is more content creators." The comment put me at a loss for words, not an easy feat if you read some of my posts. My first instinct was to tell the respondent he gave a stupid answer to a serious question. Fortunately, the better angels won the day and I focused my attention on the original questioner and told him how I thought he should proceed. Now I want to respond to the poster with the ludicrous argument.

To say the last thing we need is more content creators is like saying the last thing we need is more books, filmmakers, artists, doctors, engineers or teachers. Even Time magazine weighed in on the same question. I have a sudden desire to make reference to throwing out the baby with the bath water, but I will resist.

Everyone's a Star

The underlying frustration is legitimate. However, the solution is not less content but better content--more originality and less copycatting.

I have talked quite a bit about the Internet gold rush and how people merely imitate each other on the web. After a while, all content starts to look alike, every blogger is a superstar and no one makes mistakes. It reminds me of those ridiculous Valtrex commercials where everyone is attractive and live wonderful, adventurous lives. Yet, we know the reality is more like this parody. So, I get it--too much posturing and not enough authenticity on the web.

Despite this frustration, we find gems scattered throughout the blogosphere. But in order to discover them, we must to dig through the rubble. The more rubble, the more potential for finding jewels.

The World is Waiting for You

Someone in rural Idaho or the middle of a desert town has an interesting thought or idea. Half way around the world is another person craving such information, ready to latch on and make a change in their lives. I say let the ideas flow in this unprecedented age of information availability.

Here comes the cliché, so brace yourself. If only one person is helped by your words, then you have done your job and done it well. In this age of sharing and social media, a single person can spread your ideas to countless others.

Though, this blog does not have a huge following, it has a loyal one that I communicate with on a regular basis. Consider some of these comments:

"Part of my daily self development routine is reading Derrick Jones articles..."

"I am so pleased and blessed to read your point of view, I think its what I believed all along but felt I was 'wrong' because no one around me seemed to share that point of view..."

"Beautifully woven - wonderfully narrated. I fell in love with your dad. Reminds me of mine. Thank you for sharing..."

You can never know the impact of your words on another person. Now when I create content, I think about these readers. I write for them.

So, don't ever let anyone tell you there is no place for you in this vast Internet universe. Had I taken similar advice, my book would still be in my head and this site would not exist. Worst of all, I would not have touched the many people I now call friends.

So, we need more content, not less. But what we need is your voice, not the rehashing of the same old "Top 10" lists just because they rank well on Google.

Godspeed and I look forward to seeing you in The Players Lounge.

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