Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What Business Schools Don't Teach About Entrepreneurship

I started watching the below video as I wound down my day (I've replaced my TV time with useful YouTube vids). What started as a casual and passive activity turned into an intense class as I became fixated on this group of entrepreneurs discussing lessons learned with a Stanford business class. What really struck me were the similarities between these lessons and those of many entrepreneurs I know. This is a lengthy video but well worth your time.

Some key points for those of you in a rush:
  • The importance of having partners who shore up your weaknesses and blindspots
  • Testing the market before completing your product (huge one)
  • The urgency of now
  • The most critical take way? The importance of entrepreneurs knowing how to SELL! SELL! SELL! The money quote: "Business schools should require students to sell $10 worth of goods before graduating." I concur.
These are amazing lessons from the trenches for you everyday entrepreneurs. So, get your pen and paper and prepare to be enlightened.

Godspeed and I look forward to seeing you in The Players Lounge.

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