Friday, May 25, 2012

I Need Your Advice

entrepreneur advice
This may seem a bit strange to seek this type of advice in such a public way, but I want to get as much input from the entrepreneurial community as possible. I have a team working on a new web service to help independent content creators (authors, film makers, musicians, web services / products, bloggers, etc) to get significantly more eyeballs on their work. Let's face it. We live in a very crowded and noisy world and getting attention can be extremely challenging, especially for those who just want to focus on their craft. Well, we think we have a solution to this problem. I am ready to share it with the entire world before we even hit beta.

And there is the rub. "Will you tell someone about your great idea before it is ready? What if they steal it!" I'm sorry but this is crap. I used to think this way but no longer. Ideas are a dime a dozen. Execution is what counts, and not everyone is capable of execution. So, I'm ready to say to the world, "Here is my great idea. What do you think?" But the team is like, "What! Are you crazy?" So the debate goes on.

I sincerely believe this will bring tremendous value to the very people we want to help, content creators just like myself. If someone takes the idea and makes it better, so be it. It will mean we were part of lighting the spark to make something great  happen. How many people can make that claim?

Entrepreneurship is not about making money. It is about bringing value and improving lives. And as Norris Krueger says so elegantly in this incredible paper, "Do it well and you get paid. Do it brilliantly and you get paid handsomely."

So what do you think? What is wrong with just coming out and discussing it openly with the community, basically "open sourcing" the idea? Leave your advice in the comments. If you would rather keep your comments private, send me a direct message here. One more thing. Be candid and...

Let's go change the world!

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