Wednesday, May 30, 2012

1 Blogging Rule Worth Breaking

blogging rules
So, there is this nutty blogging rule that I have yet to understand. Like many traditions, it has become the accepted norm that few dare to question. A ritual, though widely practiced, few truly understand. What is this crazy, out dated rule? Not to link back to one's own site in the comments of a blog post. It is time for this ritual to go the way of the dinosaurs and to usher in a more open and, dare I say, less insecure blogging community.

I Hate Spammers Too

I get the spamming problem but what constitutes as spam in a blogging comment anyway? For me it is the person who does not leave a comment at all. They simply link back to an irrelevant blog or product on their own or an affilate's web site. These types of comments should be deleted and the commenters publicly flogged (okay maybe we can forgo the flogging part). Other than this, all links should be welcomed.

This happened on the blog for my business. A commenter put in a link for a competing service without adding to the discussion whatsoever. The link would have been fine had he at least explained why the product or service was better. This guy posted his links on a number of technology blogs and was ignored by all commenters.

Are Bloggers Just Insecure?

My wife has what I think a good theory on why this rule still prevails on so many blogs. Bloggers want to keep viewers on their own sites for as long as possible. A link in a comment means the reader may click away and not come back. According to her, some bloggers may be afraid of other bloggers "stealing" their readers. This is one smart lady and I think she is onto something. 

But this sounds like a classic case of insecurity. The only way a blog can "lose" readers is by not giving them a reason to return. There have been many times when I clicked links in articles or a post comments and returned to read more. However, I only do this if I find the blog interesting. Otherwise, I do not bother. Whether there was link in the comment or not would not have made a difference.

Here is a more important point to consider. If a reader goes through the trouble of reading the comments, they are obviously engaged and interested in the topic. Have you ever bothered reading the comments of a post you thought sucked? Probably not. A reader who makes it this far is interested enough to stick around or return later.

No Such Rule Here

Entrepreneurs like to bend rules. It's what makes us who we are and allows for eventual breakthroughs. Not only are we going to break this rule on this site, we are going to stomp it in the ground and walk it to the curb to be picked up with the weekly trash. 

The new rule is as follows: 

If you comment, link back to your own blog, products or business. If you do not, I will do it myself in my reply.

What is the big deal? The internet, and the world for that matter, is a big place. I am a true believer in the abundance mentality. There is plenty to go around for all of us to enjoy. Besides, if you have killer content and are an engaging blogger, you will never have to worry about your readers disappearing. 

Whether you agree or disagree, I want to hear from you in the comments. The only rule is that you MUST link back to your own blog. Self promote all the hell you want. We are all friends here.

Godspeed and I look forward to seeing you in The Players Lounge.

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