Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How to be Successful by Taking People With You

They say it is lonely at the top but this is only true if you choose to travel alone. During your journey you will come across many success minded people who are also frantically flapping their wings in pursuit of the sky. When you find them, grab a hold of them and take them with you. Following are real life examples of how I continue to do that very thing and how it benefits me on a daily basis.

Enthusiastically Promote Like Minds

I touched on this point in a previous post, "1 Simple Tip to Gain Loyal Twitter Followers." Whether it is Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or other social networking sites, seek out success minded people only and build relationships with them. On Twitter for example, everyone wants to have tons of followers. Not I. I am only interested in meaningful Twitter followers with positive outlooks on life. But when I find them and connect with them, I do everything I can to promote their businesses and ideas. Many of them reciprocate.

Take for example Michael (@ezogmyezog) over at We met a few months ago on Twitter and I found his web tool for entrepreneurs to be really cool and helpful. So much so that I modified one of the chapters in my book to include information about his website. Now wherever I go I make it a point to mention Michael and his website. Michael in turn really enjoyed the book and promotes it on and off line. He is not famous and he is not being interviewed by the national media, but he is passionate about entrepreneurship and changing the world. Since I decided to grab a hold of his wings, he in turn grabbed mine and we are soaring together.

Then Michael introduced me to Brice Leconte (@briceleconte) over at The Entrepreneur Network (he's the one with the dark hair in the pic). Brice and I hit it off right away and he asked me to be an Entrepreneur in Residence for his network. Brice has some pretty awesome people involved in the network and it turns out we all have a great deal in common. Brice is also the brainchild behind SushiQuik. Now I'm no fan of Sushi but I have lots of friends who are and when they see me coming, they know I will be talking about SushiQuik. Brice is also just an awesome guy with infectious enthusiasm.

Brice turned around and introduced me to Amy who I talk about in this post. Now I plan on helping her expand her Lemonhead efforts into the upstate New York area. Why? Because I like what she is doing and it is in perfect harmony with my own goals. Now I talk about her program to anyone who is willing to listen. Without prompting, Amy sent out an email to her major contacts talking about my new book. She even included a huge image of the book in the email saying something like "Buy his book!" I was not expecting that and did not ask. Authenticity recognizes authenticity folks. If you offer to take people with you, they will be willing to take you with them.

Then, there is Darnell over at Evolution Magazine, who I met on Facebook. He contacted me and asked me to provide content for his online magazine. So, I checked him out and found him to be doing some pretty cool stuff with his magazine. Not only that, but he wants to help new entrepreneurs increase their odds of success, which is one of my key objectives as well. I had no problem agreeing to provide him with content. Darnell goes out of his way to promote other people and does not ask for anything in return because he knows it is all about service, not selling. Not only did he read my book but he thoroughly analyzed it. He then contacted me and offered to do a live streaming interview about me and the book. This event gave me a huge spike in sales. The interview is here. He has a huge conference coming up in New Jersey this month called "Women in Business." A number of high powered female executives are scheduled to present at the conference. You can find the details on his website.

Then there is Mike, who does not need me to help him promote his ideas because he does a damn good job himself. Mike is the author of the wildly popular book, "The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur" and the upcoming followup book, "The Pumpkin Plan." He is also a frequent guest on MSNBC. I reached out to Mike a few months back and asked if he would read and endorse my book. Considering how busy this guy is and how many people want to get his attention, I figured it was a long shot to get a response. But hey, it never hurts to ask. It took me reaching out a couple of times but he eventually responded and offered to read the book. Honestly, all I expected was the typical "Great read" type of quote. Instead, true to form, this guy offered a wildly enthusiastic endorsement. Not only that, it was obvious that he read the book based on some specifics in his quote. So guess what? Well, by now you should know the drill. I purchased advance copies of The Pumpkin Plan and I'm telling all of my friends to do the same. Mike also has a fantastic blog here. But I'm sure you already knew that unless you live under a rock and don't get out much.

Congrats to everyone above on all of your great success!

Stop Chasing the Big Fish

So many of us spend countless hours chasing down the big fish. What I call the "If I could only get on Oprah" syndrome. If only some big name like Oprah would just mention my book or my widget, I would be set for life! Well, Oprah wasn't always OPRAH. There was a time when she was just someone with a really strange name. By now everyone knows that Gayle King is Oprah's best friend. They do everything together and Oprah talks about her all of the time. They first met back in 1976 at a television station long before anyone ever heard of Oprah on the national stage. One evening they were stuck in a snow storm together and passed the time by chatting it up and over time the friendship grew. Neither of them knew that one day Oprah would be OPRAH. Gayle did not sit there wondering how she could leverage the relationship for future benefit. They were just friends who really enjoyed each other's company based on common interests and aspirations.

So instead of chasing down the big fish like a desperate groupie, look to build meaningful relationships with other success minded people, even if no one knows them--yet. You may very well be dealing with the next OPRAH or better yet the first Mike, Brice, Michael or Amy. Hey it might even be you! It might be me! You just never know.

Regardless of the outcome, the journey is far more fun when you take people with you. Pick them up along your path like hitch hikers heading in the same direction. Even if none of you become wildly famous or wealthy, you will likely have a significant impact in your own area or niche. One thing is certain. The whole will be better than the sum of the parts.

Godspeed and I look forward to seeing you in The Players Lounge.

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