Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How Many Different Ways Can You Spell Entrepreneur? Part 1

entrepreneur spellings
My last few posts were pretty serious and reflective. So, I want to lighten things up a bit with this post on the numerous clever plays on the word entrepreneur. Do a search on Twitter for the term entrepreneur and you would think everyone forgot how to spell. Not hardly. Entrepreneurs, being people of incredible imagination and creativity, have come up with a host different custom spellings for the word entrepreneur. Following are some of the more creative plays on the word floating around on Twitter and other social networks. I also include the Twitter handles and websites of these clever entrepreneurs. Some of these are pretty cool and made me chuckle a bit.

1. Gradpreneur - Twitter handle: @Gradpreneur

I start with Gradpreneur, which is the creation of Raspinder Singh. Why did I start with this one? Well, Raspinder helped me find some of these variations on Twitter and I like to reward hard work! Gradpreneur, in case you did not figure it out, stands for Graduate Entrepreneur. Raspinder has a pretty cool site linking graduates helpful entrepreneurial information as they venture into the world of entrepreneurship. Check out Raspinder at the Graduate Entrepreneur website.

2. Doctorpreneur - Twitter handle: @Doctorpreneurs 

I really like this one because I often use doctors as examples of specialists who do not see themselves as entrepreneurs. This, in my opinion, is the #1 Mistake of Beginning Entrepreneurs. This is a fantastic website that highlights innovation around the healthcare field. If you are an everyday entrepreneur in the health care field, check out the Doctorpreneurs website.

3. Kidpreneur - Twitter handle: NA

I love the Kidpreneurs website. It is the brain child of Matthew and Adam Toren, founders of Kidpreneur is a book and website focused on teaching kids the value of entrepreneurship and sound money management. Imagine teaching small children the entrepreneurial lessons most of us learn the hard way. I envision a future where kids get out of college looking to start a business instead of looking for a job. Make sure you check them out If you have kids!

4. Cafepreneur - Twitter handle: @Cafepreneur

I thought I had this one figured out until I visited the Cafepreneur Blog. Honestly, I thought it was a guy who owned a coffee shop or something. Cafepreneur focuses on providing resources for entrepreneurs in Cardiff area. Whether you are in the Cardiff area or not, check them out. Great information over there.

In my next post I will list another group of clever plays on the word entrepreneur, including my personal favorite Mompreneur. Something about this one just strikes me. Maybe because the name makes me think of my beautiful wife who is also a fantastic mom. In the meantime, if you have others for me to add to the next post, shoot me a message on Twitter. This allows us to have a little fun and help promote other entrepreneurs at the same time.

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